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Hospice Gift at Walter Reed

Who the Military Heroes Fund Helps

Who Military Heroes Helps

Thanks to advances in medical technology, emergency evacuations, medic training and state-of-the-art treatment for amputees and patients with head trauma and severe burns, more military personnel than ever before are surviving their battlefield injuries.

Do You Qualify for a Military Heroes Fund Grant?

We are proud to support the wounded with short term financial support. We give grants to those who:

  • Served in Operation Enduring Freedom or Operation Iraqi Freedom
  • Have been wounded, ill or injured during your OIF/OEF service
  • Are facing a financial emergency which is short-term
  • Can provide a DD214 and VA Disability Statement or have one in progress and
  • Can help us confirm your status by being referred by your Army Wounded Warrior advocate (AW2), Recovery Care Coordinator (RCC), VA doctor or social worker, or another nonprofit working with your family.

We continuously examine potential grantees who meet all the above criteria.  If you qualify, fill out and return the application form along with copies of your DD214, VA Disability Statement, and the bills you need assistance with. 

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Military Heroes

Military Heroes Fund

The Military Heroes Fund provides wounded servicemembers with services that the Defense Department cannot offer due to budgetary and regulatory restrictions. These unmet needs are identified by the military command, the Military Severely Injured Center, VA advocates and others:

In the summer of 2012, the PenFed Foundation helped support the tuition of over 700 children attending camp at the Armed Services YMCA.

What You Can Do

Who Military Heroes Helps

  • Military families pay for day care on a sliding scale based on rank. Families of the wounded face many financial stresses and often cannot afford even these reduced day-care costs.
  • More than 50% of the wounded are in the Guard and Reserves; many suffered pay cuts when deployed, further stressing family budgets.





Military Heroes Events

Join us at the Military Heroes Golf Classic or the Night of Heroes Gala

The Night of Heroes is a black-tie gala, held each spring in Washington, DC, to honor those who have helped the military community with the American Hero and Military Hero Awards. Learn more about the Night of Heroes Gala.


The Military Heroes Golf Classic is held every Fall in the Virginia suburbs. It’s a fun way to support the Foundation’s work and thank those who serve our country. Learn more about the Military Heroes Golf Classic.


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