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Share Your Time, Resources and Connections

  • Serve on the Foundation’s Advisory Board If you share the values expressed in our mission statement for military personnel serving our nation, and have expertise in fundraising, public relations, policy or programs relating to that, please contact us about serving on the Advisory Board.

  • Volunteer for our golf tournament or gala. Help us garner sponsors, find donors of auction items, or come out and volunteer at the Military Heroes Golf Classic or Night of Heroes gala. contact us for more information about volunteer opportunities.

  • Spread the word about the Dream Makers grant program. If you have access to groups who would benefit from our first-time-homebuyers down payment grants (who is eligible for Dream Makers?), you can help ensure that information about the program reaches them before they purchase their first home. Contact us about your contacts.

  • Network among your friends and colleagues. Or contact us to arrange a connection with your business or nonprofit.

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Information about the Night of Heroes Gala

Information about the Military Heroes® Golf Classic