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Who the Defenders Lodge Helps

Who Defenders Lodge Helps

Sgt. McLaughlin sustained a head injury and swelling to the brain during his second tour in Iraq. As a result, he is suffering from hearing and vision loss. He lives four hours away from the VA Polytrauma Center and unable to drive to the hospital for treatment. Sgt. McLaughlin says the new Defenders Lodge will help with morale as he and other veterans fight to recover. “Soldiers who have housing and transportation issues have one less thing to worry about so they can concentrate on their appointments and help themselves to get better and back on track with their lives.”

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Who Defenders Lodge Helps

Defenders Lodge

3801 Miranda Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304

For lodging requests please call 

Front Desk: 650-493-5000 Ext. 61333

Manager: 650-493-5000 Ext. 62824

The Lee & Penny Anderson Lodge serves as a free hotel for veterans undergoing medical care at the Veterans Affairs hospital in Palo Alto, California.  As of October 2013, construction is complete and Veterans will use the benefits of the lodge at the end of the year. The PenFed Foundation is raising $11 million in private donations to cover the cost of building the Defenders Lodge, a $17 million public-private partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

In 2011, almost 11,000 patients had to find temporary housing; many had to drive 50 miles to find an affordable hotel while they waited for treatment. This lodge will solve the problem.

We know you would gladly open the door to your home to a wounded warrior in need. Instead of hosting a veteran in your home, we are asking for your help in building a lodge that will be a home-away-from-home for wounded veterans.

Read the Defenders Lodge Guest Guide for more information or visit



The Defenders Lodge Campaign Committee Honorary Co-Chairs (as of 2/20/14):

The Honorable R. James Nicholson
The Honorable James B. Peake
The Honorable William J. Perry
The Honorable Condoleezza Rice
The Honorable George P. Shultz

The Defenders Lodge Campaign Committee Co-Chairs (as of 4/22/14):

Lee R. Anderson Sr.
Chairman, APi Group,Inc

Hon. Francis J. Harvey
Board Director, Bridge Bank 

General John P. Jumper, USAF (Ret)
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Leidos

The Honorable Anthony J. Principi
Principal, The Principi Group, LLC

What You Can Do

Help us ensure these patriotic men and women have free lodging at the hospital. With concerns about their health, finances and transportation, the last thing they need to worry about is where they will sleep. Contact us about supporting our new project at the Palo Alto Polytrauma Center.

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