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Who ARK Helps

Join us in combating predatory lending.

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Who ARK Helps

Who ARK HelpsWho ARK HelpsWho ARK Helps
Who ARK HelpsWho ARK Helps


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Who ARK Helps

How ARK Works

ARK provides a no-interest alternative to predatory lending for active duty, reserve, and National Guard military.

Fees for predatory payday loans can be an astronomical $19 for each $100 borrowed until payday. Through ARK, one can to borrow up to $500 with a flat fee of $5 and no interest for one month.

ARK is a hassle-free, confidential, and smart way to deal with money problems.

  • Active duty, reserve, and National Guard military are eligible 
  • No credit report is pulled because those with emergency cash needs have already exhausted their options.
  • No interest is charged, just an application fee of $5. With ARK, you don't fall further into debt.
  • Immediate cash loans up to $500 (or 80 percent of net pay) are available for one month.
  • There's minimal paperwork just a simple one-page form.
  • It's completely confidential, meaning we don't tell anyone who has come to see us.
  • Up to three loans in six months are available, but after the first ARK loan, the recipient must sit down with a local Consumer Credit Counselor identified by the foundation.

ARK was designed to be as easy as a payday loan, but without the negative consequences. The goal is to rebuild or repair credit, improve cash flow and increase money-management skills.

We partner with Credit Unions across the country to bring the ARK program to military men and women. We welcome new credit union partners. Please contact us to learn more or see our frequently asked questions.

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